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Web Developer|Graphic Designer|Blogger|Digital Marketer
I am a Website Developer Expert in WordPress and Expert Digital and Affiliate Marketer. Achieved a Masters degree in Information & Technology from Punjabi University Patiala. Since 2014 working as a freelance Website Developer and recently started Blogging.

I would love to teach different ways of making money online by posting articles on this blog, so please visit this blog regularly. You can earn as much as you want by just putting your efforts in the right direction. People have skills but most of them don’t know how and where to apply them.
I’ll guide you to build your career online and teach you ways to earn from the internet.

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Being a website developer and graphics designer I have worked with so many projects and gained the expertise. You can check my profile on Fiverr which is one of my favorite websites for freelancer and I recommend you join Fiverr if you wish to make extra money with your skills. You can sell any type of skill on Fiverr and this is the beauty of Fiverr.