Hi bloggers! If you are wondering why I wrote: “Get Adsense Approval With Just 5 Blog Posts”. Yes, I have done it on this blog after getting a rejection in the first take. If anyone of you is facing the issues in getting AdSense approval on the blog then you must read this article. You’ll learn very basic tips to get a 100% approval on your blog unless you have not copied other’s content. Here I’ll give a step by step to get AdSense approval for your blog.

Content Planning And Topic Research

To begin with, if you are planning to write an article then do research about this topic. You can get some idea by doing google research and checking the popularity of the topic on google trends to do some keyword research. You can see that which country or a specific city is doing the maximum search on that topic. Collect the keywords which are searched most of the time. Make a list of keywords you’ll be using in articles and tags.

Title Of The Article

While writing the title of the post ensure that it’s unique and should be appealing. Avoid using other’s titles used for the same topic and make your’s little different and catchy. The title is the most important part of any post that makes people read it. For example, if I have an article about how to make money online and my post title is “How I made $2000 in one day with AdSense”. Then the chances of people reading it are more. 70% of people would love to read what exactly I did that earned me that much money in one day and this is the trick to create a viral post and title. So, choose a title which will attract maximum traffic.

Ad Site To Google Search Console

Before you apply for AdSense for your blog make sure that you have added your site to google search console. It helps to index your site on google and make sure your site is visible in google search. Most of the new bloggers do a mistake that they just write posts and straight away apply for Adsense. I bet you will 100% get rejection. But if you will follow this step by step guide then you’ll get approval that is 101% sure.

Search Console helps to improve your site’s performance in search engines and gives you reports about your site performance and issues. You can fix the issue with the help of data provided by the search console to get ranked higher.

Ad your site to search console using this link


Write 5 Unique Posts

Keep in mind that all 5 posts are unique and not a copied content of someone else. Your chances to get more traffic are high only when you write unique content and google also approves the AdSense application when they find your content as a unique one. You make your name with your quality content. If you bring unique articles and quality content then people love to visit your site regularly and this is how google puts your site on top of the pages when they see that you are providing the most relevant and unique content. People do not like sites that are posting the same content which they see on every other site on the internet. Everyone likes to see something new and unique.

Once you have all 5 unique posts then you are ready to apply for Adsense and make money from google.

Create A Privacy Policy And Other Important Pages

Now, this is the last step but most important in order to get google AdSense approval. Almost 90% of bloggers do know that google gives the priority to these pages according to their new rules and this is what I missed for my blog. Here are the most important pages that you must add to your site before you apply for Adsense. Once you have all of these pages then you’ll definitely get google AdSense approval.

Here is a list of the most important pages:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer

If you don’t know that how to get the information for these pages then simply type in google search privacy policy for the site and you can get so many sites which help to create these pages free of cost. Enter your site name and email and your pages will be ready. Add all these pages to your blog and you are alls et to apply for AdSense now.

What Is The Best Time To Apply For Adsense

Not necessarily but if you apply after 12 pm as per your time zone then you should be able to get an email from google within the next 5-6 hours because I get that as well.  I am not sure whether this will be the same for you but you should give it try and do let me know in comments if that worked for you the same way that worked for me.


I hope you liked this post and expecting the likes from you and please share it on social media as well. Write in the comments if you have any questions for me. Thanks for reading this article and stay happy and keep blogging. 🙂