Indian astrology’s “Yavana Jathaka” states that the influence of Tithis (Lunar days) on a person born in a particular ‘Tithi’ is:

1st  Pratipada The person born in this lunar day will have a good wife and might also indulge in extra-marital relationships.

2nd  Dwitiya The person born on this day will seek the truth. They will be liked by all and will be skilled at using weapons. This person will be happy right from the time of birth, and will also be attentive to his/her work.

3rd  Tritiya Those born on this day will be immoral and might enjoy the company of other immoral people. They will, advertently or inadvertently, harm others because of their tremendous negative energy.

4th  Chaturthi Those born on this day will be greedy and will not be helpful to others. They will also be secretive, fierce, adventurous, fickle-minded, and crafty.

5th  Panchami Those born on this day will be intelligent and will be blessed with a long life. They will have a strong moral character.

6th Shrishti Those born on this day will have more male progeny. They will look for sensual pleasures and will have a big circle of friends.

7th Saptami Those born on this day will be rich and will possess good character. They will respect elders and learned men.

8th  Ashtami People born on Ashtami are faithful to their spouses, have many interests, and speak well.

9th  Navami Those born on this day will be passionate and courageous. They will be interested in pursuing arts and will be deadly to their opponents.

10th  Dasami Those born on this day will be highly successful in business pursuits. They will be highly intelligent, well-versed in sciences, and will have strong convictions.

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