Packers' 14-12 win over Buccaneers in Week 3

The Packer' defense, before a disappointingly passive performance on the ultimate drive, was dominant against Associate in Nursing overmatched Bucs offense.

Running the ball was a giant challenge. Aaron Jones (12 for thirty six yards) and A.J. Dillon (12 for 32) were each command at 3.0 yards per carrying or worse.

 Count this as a extremely triple-crown come back to the sphere for David Bakhtiari. He revolved in and out with Yosh Nijman and looked rock-solid at left tackle.

Romeo Doubs stuck all 8 of his targets. He regarded open on some different drop backs, too. The second wasn`t too large for the rookie.

The shielding of the front turned disruptive from beginning to finish. A lesser quarterback than Tom Brady would possibly have taken a half-dozen sacks or more. He was given the ball out of his fingers lightning brief to neutralize a number of the defense’s excellent rushes.

 It certain appeared like Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had been seeking to dial up the kill shot at some point of the second one 1/2 of and couldn’t locate it.

Randall Cobb made  huge performs within side the first half: a 17-yarder to transform on 0.33 down and a 40-yarder to open the 0.33 drive.

The unique groups have been terrific. The Packers constantly pinned the Bucs deep with correct punts and coverage. A couple of lengthy returns through Amari Rodgers were given worn out through questionable penalties.

 It wasn’t pretty, and the Bucs have been crushed up at key spots, however this changed into nevertheless a large win over an NFC contender.